1st Dumping [19/07/11]

Our tools: Commodore 64G, 1541 Ultimate II Plus, 1541-II Disk Drive, Commodore 1701, Isopropyl Alcohol and lots of cotton swabs (recycled to perfection).
The challenge begins!

Our first dumping session gave us joy and pain … We managed to preserve programs that at first glance we could not find online: The tetraclone !! Collection of copy and backup programs of Legno R.L. System, or some beautiful collections of basic routines. The very first, a basic course in Italian, trigonometry, already present in “Tutto Commodore 27” available on READY64, but our version seems ripped with the addition of Simon’s Basic (essential for loading). Mathematics, small programs in Italian even if, alas, side B presents a problem on the “Pythagorean Theorem”. We will try with the next session to re-bump the disk and try to preserve it. Jackson Super (Jackson collection of games). Gold Runner (cassette). Summer Games II (very common title but which we dumped anyway). Easy Script, Blitz Calc, and many other Italian spreadsheets. CommoDisk (in which a nice billing program in Italian stands out). Disk control, Disk scope, Assembler, GW basic, Copiers, and many Utilities. All dumps have been tested and some we have even taken screenshots as a reminder … In short, we are working hard!

List of BAD disks to try to dump again:

– Music Shop
– Mathematics side A
– Utilities side A
– Radio Elettronica
– Nova Games 1 (Tape)

All comments.

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