2nd Dumping [19/07/18]

We’re back! A new session with dirty heads and moldy discs! We are increasingly convinced of the usefulness of our work after having stumbled across authentic, mostly Italian, goodies that we had not yet seen anywhere else. Satisfaction and fun!

In this session we have lots of games, all famous and already dumped but it doesn’t matter; however, our archive should be preserved, albeit for pure backup, without counting that often in these compilations there are some real gems written in basic.

Some of the games we found: Commando, Goonies, Hardball, Kung fu Master, Rambo, Transformers, Summer Games II (different crack), High Noon, Night mission Pinball, Poster Paster, Sos Terrorist, Stranded, Hover Bover, Ghostbusters, Kennedy Approach, Dragon Hawk, Frantic Freddie, Hunch Back II, Zone Ranger, Spy vs Spy II, Basketball, Shamus … and many others.
We want to highlight some less famous titles that we think may be rare:
Database Manager (in Italian), Super Synth, Electronic Construction Kit, Neat Screen, Super Kit, Escape, Functions, Eat Points, Waterski and above all Sirius Condominium Management, even if, unfortunately, it has errors on the disk that make a non-functional menu item! We will try with all our strength to make a new working dump !!
On disc 5 we also found an erotic game: “Girls they want to have fun”.

List of BAD disks to try to dump again:

– Condominium management

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