3rd Dumping [19/07/22]

We made it!!! We saved the PYTHAGORAS THEOREM! Radio Elettronica has also been redumped! Unfortunately Gestione Condominio still has an error, but we do not despair … we still have hopes.

For the rest we have numerous precious gems in this new update: Management Archive, Data Manager, Totocalcio, Word Script, Data Base, Horoscope, Tot9, Microlex, Tot13, Enalotto, Toto Siri, Disk Lab, and then many management software of SIRIUS (agenda telephone, order management, current management, wordprocessor, sales analysis), some didactic programs used on RAI 3 (Aesop and More or less), several programs signed by JCE, billing and accounting programs. Finally, we have also included scans of the original manual of the SIRIUS Invoice Management program. In short, many beautiful things and it is only the beginning! We are organizing to make you dream!
Let us feel your support and leave us a comment, let us know if you appreciate our work … of course any suggestion (and above all help) to improve is always appreciated.

All comments.

  1. anr

    hi, maybe you want to share them here:



  2. admin

    I would be glad to share them on csdb but I haven’t an account… I tried to sign a couple of times but I never had any reply… 🙁

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