5° Dumping [19/08/02]

The Dumpclub64 does not go on vacation! We continue to dump diskettes. We do not want to trap you with rare material. We dump what we find hoping always to find some precious stone. I want to emphasize that every dump has its dignity. Even the nth copies of pacman or gyruss have their value: because they could have a different intro screen, they could be different revisions, better crack, have an intro, be cracked by little-known cracking crew or simply could part of your diskette archive that you have given or thrown away and then regret a few years later. In short, never despise dumps because they could be more precious than you think.

After the necessary clarification let’s move on to today’s session. Lots of common games but all working. Some historical titles: Archon, Forbidden Forest, H.e.r.o., Gijoe, Jungle Hunt, Congo Bongo, Strip Poker, Dan Dare, Aztec Challenge, Buck Rogers, Tooth Invaders, Traffic, Zaxxon, Zorro, B.C.’s Quest. And some exotic titles: Poker (Italian), Quattro, Orsacchiotti (Pooyan’s Italian hack), Riflessi, Tank (Italian), Digital Drums, Domino, Biorhythms. As usual we ask you to leave us a comment / suggestion or simply send us a greeting! Let us feel that you appreciate our work: it will keep our enthusiasm alive and it will repay us for our efforts!

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