6° Dumping [06/08/19]

We’re back and this time with a new friend: Alberto from the 8bitinside.com association. Alberto sent us twenty diskettes with games, applications and a little gem: The Basotter, an expansion of the C64 basic all made in Italy designed for the fabulous Commodore 1520 plotter. Along with the dump I added the manual in Italian scanned by a kind user of Facebook. Alberto’s dumps are practically perfect: we haven’t found an error or a non-working program! Congratulations Alberto! An event for us as we are used to fight with reading errors!

Among the games don’t miss Driller, Salamander Power at Sea and Street Fighter. Among the applications have a look at a fun educational program 9 to 5 typing and Toyshop to print models and much more. As usual, here’s the gallery of the screenshots!

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