7° Dumping [19/08/15] I

Happy Ferragosto (Feriae Augusti) to all with a new Dumping session. This time we have the pleasure of presenting a new friend: Nicolò! He is the Deus ex machina of this session and we want to take this opportunity to thank him publicly. Personally, thanks to him, I’ve found a small and insignificant utility I had been looking for for a lifetime. It is nothing transcendental but for me it has enormous sentimental value! Thanks Nicolò.

Let’s dive immediately into this session: 120 diskettes (Part One). Some redundant titles and an archive that is not very tidy on the whole but we found the same something interesting and little known: Crazy copy, Astral calculation, Astronomy, Cernitore, Graphic Grabber, Austro Speed, Binns, Spritemagic, Contiamo, Anagrammatore, Peano , Bingo, File Recovery, Word Search, Black Box, Anagrams, Lens Management, VAT Statement, Corel. And then Simple Accounting, Account Management, Hotel Management (all of Leoni Informatica Milano), Bi-Sector, Dollar, Calculator, Class Management, Battery, Auto Maintenance, Ross and Ana, Condominium (1,2,3 and 4), Learn the Bridge with the Computer (Jackson), Race Management, Pro-Plan, Biorhythms, Italian Poker, Super Copy, Disk Helfer, Block Disk, Disk Reader, Copy Files, Better Dir, Disk Utility, Agenda, Reduced Systems, Intro Maker, Real Writer, Super Writer, Movie Writer, Paroliamo, Disk Catalog, Turbo Breaker, Il Volo, Interest Calculation and many others.

Instead among the most common we want to highlight: Blue Max, Forbidden Forest, HERO, Aliens, Archon, Aztec Challenge, Aztec Tomb, Bionic Commando, Boulder Dash, Black Gold, California Games, Circus Charlie, Dark Castle, Doodle, Music Shop , Conan the Barbarian, Easy Finance I, II, III, V, Eletronic Gazette, Etrusk, Fantastic Animals, Fight Night, Flight Simulator II, Fort Apocalypse, Attack of Mutant Camels, Ghost Busters, Gunship, Hot Wheels, Gauntlet, Hulk, Howard the Duck, Impossible Mission, Indiana Jones, Leader Board 1.2, Koala Painter, Labyrinth, Karate Champ, Kinetics, Merry Xmas, Pitfall II, Pooyan, Pitstop II, Test Drive, Saucer Attack, Zeppelin, Pole Position, Newsroom, Operation Wolf, Park Patrol, Matchpoint and more.

To conclude, a little curiosity for Italian users: do you remember the intro of our local distributors? Here are some screenshots to help you remember!

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