9° Dumping [19/08/15] II

Here we are again on the track! Let’s pick up from where we left off: the first part of the August session. We have not yet been able to completely finish it because of the wear and tear of modern life but in any case we still have about 50 dumps to offer to all those who follow us. Once again we have many games and a fair number of utilities. Luckly, something unpublished probably Italian. Some titles: archive management, horoscope, trump, mystery in villa martini, magic hand, predators, risiko, kaylon, ring of power, assembler, strike and ball, aces poker, slot machines, the sentry, musik maker, anagrams, locker, sliding writings, soccer, studio functions, super tank, othello and many others.

As usual then we have a series of very common titles but that, and we will never stop repeating it, must always be transferred and checked… because they could contain some variation worthy of being preserved !! Some titles: Spy vs Spy, Mission Impossible, Chiller, Dragon’s Lair, Decathlon, Park Patrol, Ikari Warriors, and many more!

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