11° Dumping [19/10/14]

As we have reported a great interest in the previous session dedicated to teaching, we decided to still propose material concerning study and learning because, to quote the Dalai Lama, study is the light that illuminates the darkness of ignorance, and the knowledge that it turns out that it won’t be able to be removed even from the most skilled of thieves. The study is the weapon that protects us from that enemy that is ignorance and is also the best friend who guides us through our most difficult moments.

For this occasion we want to offer you the complete series of the Kit School. Five numbers full of educational programs where We class 1970 studied the first notions of mathematics and began to get closer to the greats of Italian literature. We also thought of giving a gift to our readers by making a new collection of educational programs, all Italian, selected by us for this occasion. Invite your children to find out how we studied and how the most difficult of school subjects could also become a game opportunity.

We point out that No. 4 of the Computeacher series (CTO Software) Three great of Italian literature has never been dumped. We recommend that you also download the scans of the manual to be able to insert the keywords necessary for the execution of the program. Furthermore some programs of our collection must be loaded with Simon’s Basic present on the disks.

All comments.

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