Trick or treat

It is useless to deny: the title is a treacherous trick, a vile deception, a sinister stratagem that rides the long wave of this controversial party to push you to treason to read our special dedicated to Halloween! Yes, because for the Commodore 64 lovers every day is Halloween, and every day is a good day to play with the multitude of titles that are inspired by the atmosphere of this macabre night! For thirty years, even before this festival conquered the world, C64 enthusiasts are delighted with Cauldron, Forbidden Forest, Castle of Terror, Mr. Mephisto and many other unforgettable titles. So let’s face it: this anniversary should be celebrated with a MOS 6510 backed by a MOS 6581 (or 8580) perhaps together with a group of friends because, as we always say at the Dump Club 64, sharing is the right choice all the more if it is to share happy moments. As John Donne wrote: “No man is an island … and therefore don’t ask yourself who’s ringing the bell, ring for you!”

In any case, let’s break any delay and run through the dense display of spooky and bloody games we have prepared for the occasion: a selection of as many as fifty Commodore 64 titles, all dedicated to the most dismal night of the year! Have fun everyone from the Dump Club 64 and ….. to all of you ….. buuuuuuu !!!

  1. Addams Family
  2. Bone Cruncher
  3. Bride of Frankenstein
  4. Bubble Ghost
  5. Castle of Terror
  6. Cauldron I
  7. Cauldron II
  8. Chiller
  9. Dracula’s Castle
  10. Drak
  11. Dylan Dog – Le notti della luna piena
  12. Dylan Dog – Gli uccisori
  13. Elvira – The mistress of the dark
  14. Elvira II
  15. Evil Dead
  16. Forbidden Forest
  17. Frankenstein
  18. Frankenstein Jr.
  19. Freak Factory
  20. Friday the 13th
  21. Ghost Manor
  22. Ghostbusters
  23. Ghosts ‘n Goblins
  24. Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
  25. Gogo the Ghost
  26. Halloween Police
  27. Haunted Hill
  28. Jack the ripper
  29. Labyrinth
  30. Mad Doctor
  31. Maniac Mansion
  32. Mr. Mephisto
  33. Munsters
  34. Night Breed
  35. Night of the Walking Dead
  36. Nosferatu the Vampyre
  37. Olli & Lissa 3 – The Candlelight Adventure
  38. Olli & Lissa – The Ghost of Shilmore Castle
  39. Precinct 20 – Dead Strange
  40. Race with the Devil
  41. Rocky Horror Show
  42. Scary Monsters
  43. Sleepwalker
  44. The Lurking Horror
  45. Through the Trapdoor
  46. Trap door
  47. Horror – Intermezzo di Mezzanotte
  48. Werewolves of London
  49. Where’s my Bones?
  50. Zombie Brain Eaters


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