Dumps around the World #3-4

Gloomy day on the whole peninsula but fortunately the dumping barometer always marks the stable calm: we are happy to inform all the fans of a double load of discs spilled! The first load is the work of Zzarko, graphic designer and programmer of the scene that has generously shared all the records (over 700). The story begins a few years ago, when RaddMax, an Ohio enthusiast in the States, together with his brother, decides to try the crazy feat of recovering all the record collection he had passed in the past. He got in touch with an old collector with whom he had previously had reports and enthusiastically discovered that he still had many copies of his diskettes. The rest is under your eyes: a gigantic quantity of games and programs scattered in over 2300 dumps, all working, even if, with poor cataloging ... well, well ... let's say in a megagalactic disorder too!

Credits: csdb.dk




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