13 ° Dumping “The Originals”

Still incessant rain over our heads and impetuous winds to whip our cities!
There is little to be happy but we try to distract ourselves with some dumps waiting for the clouds to clear. With the occasion of the next publication of our new article on RetroMagazine dedicated to disc dumping we decided to concentrate this session entirely on the original discs in our possession.

We offer you some titles that have made history and others that are decidedly minor but all still useful in case you want to restore them on a non-working copy of your property! Dumping is also important for this eventuality.

A huge thank you to Giampiero Andaloro for providing us with many of the originals !! Thanks Giampiero!

And now let’s scroll through the contents of today’s session together:

  1. America’s Cup
  2. Beyond Dark Castle
  3. Blue Thunder
  4. Creastorie (italian version of Kidwriter not present on GB64)
  5. Creatures
  6. Dragonriders of Pern
  7. Echelon
  8. Fight Night
  9. Fish-Metic
  10. Geos + extra discs
  11. Ghouls n Ghosts
  12. Golden Disk 64
  13. Gunship
  14. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  15. Just Imagine!
  16. Maestro (C128)
  17. Ocean Megamix 1
  18. Ocean Megamix 3
  19. Nightbreed
  20. Number Builder
  21. Sirius Mailing List
  22. Sirius Word Processor
  23. Skyfox
  24. Spy vs Spy Artic Antics
  25. Project Stealth Fighter
  26. Strider
  27. Summer Games
  28. Super Cycle
  29. Super Zaxxon
  30. Terminator II
  31. 1541 Test Demo
  32. Turbo Outrun

Have fun and greetings from all the Dump Club 64 Team !!

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