Merry Christmas 2019

At the risk of looking like a broken record, we ask you: is there anything more Christmas than the C64? Here, in fact! And ‘so for this first Christmas together we want to offer you all the magic that this Holy Night deserves with something that can make you fly high with wings of fantasy. Let’s face it: the future does not promise anything good: at best the financial default of the entire planet awaits us, and then, to avoid depressing us, what could be better than the Commodore 64? Since Christmas means above all to give what better gift for the Christmas holidays, as the famous Demo said, of a healthy feast of Commodore material?
So here we are many gifts for all those who like us share this passion with the wish for a peaceful and happy Christmas!

1° Gift [Speciale C64 Christmas’ Games]

Let’s start with something classic: 15 Christmas-themed titles to celebrate Christmas Eve:

  1. A Popples Christmas Adventure
  2. Christmas Eve v1
  3. Christmas Eve v2
  4. Christmas Time
  5. Ferris’s Christmas Caper
  6. Merry Christmas
  7. Santa’s Christmas Capers
  8. Santa’s Grotty Christmas
  9. Special Delivery v1
  10. The Official Father Christmas
  11. It was the Night Before Christmas 2
  12. Xmas Crazy
  13. Xmas
  14. Xmas V2

and last but not least, as the 15th title here is the fabulousThe Commodore 64 Christmas’ Demo


2° Gift [EPYX C64 Christmas’ Bonus]

At Christmas we go to the classic and then how not to talk about EPYX: Five games that are five masterpieces! We propose them to you complete with manuals, labels and diskette sachets redone personally by us, scrupulously following the very rare Christmas release of the fabulous house of stars and stripes software which included the following titles:

  1. Winter Games
  2. Summer Games
  3. Super Cycle
  4. Pitstop 2
  5. Jumpman Junior


3° Gift [Il mio Computer]

Finally, as a third and final gift, since at Christmas you can never miss something to read, we want to offer you the entire encyclopedia of “My computer” (in italian), the most classic of the readings for 8-bit computer lovers!

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


From all the editorial staff of Dump Club 64 a wish from the bottom of our hearts for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, full of peace and happiness!

BEST WISHES TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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