14th Dumping [19/08/15]

For the lucky ones, tomorrow is payday while, alas, for some it is another day spent trying to work it out. Our sincere wish is that the new year will bring economic serenity to all those families who are currently experiencing financial difficulties. We, in our small way, hope to be able to help warm your hearts with happy memories and a little serenity.

Before getting to the heart of this new release, we want to publicly thank two members of the Dump Club: Alessandro Chini and Sandro Garofalo who with their precious help made this new dumping session possible.

Once again we found something interesting: small gems forgotten about a modest but still significant Italian production. Minor programs but which for some, like myself, have an incredible sentimental value. Among all we want to point out the Champions Cup: a variant of the famous text game in the basic Soccer Championship. And then again: Histograms, Italian Music Maker, SoundTester, Piano, Music Music, Mega Assembler, Italian Terropods, Current Account Management, C.C. Banking, C.C. Data Manager 128, Italian Print Master, Furniture, Maveric Copier, Synthesizer, The golden idol, Game of the broom, Crossword puzzle, Force 4, Porno Movies, Briscola, Quiz Guide, School Manager, Copier, Algo Base, Invoices and Declaration VAT, Protect Disk, The Master Tot, Condominium, Home Project, Personal Set, Check Up, Yearbook, Input-Output Repair, Search for the Similar, Memori Data, No Stop Play, Disco Tool, Bio-astrophysiological Control. Sprotector II … and many others.

Not to mention some super classic titles that we always welcome: Blue Max, Pole position, Super Pipeline, Dig Dug, Congo Bongo, Jumpman, Jr., Moon Shuttle, Leader Board, Boulder Dash, Bubble Booble, Track’n’Field, Donkey Kong, Mr. Mephisto, Koala Paint, Past Finder, Space Shuttle, GI Joe, Strip Poker, Calcio Replay, Ghostbusters, World Games, Pitstop 2, Wilbledon, Summer Games, Traffic, Fort Apocalypse, Spy Hunter.

Hoping you can appreciate our work the dump club 64 wishes you a happy new year full of peace and happiness and of course also new dumps!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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