The Epiphany comes at night …

The Epiphany comes at night …
with all the shoes broken
come and knock on your door
can you tell me who takes you?

How can we not still remember the night of the Epiphany with trepidation? Dad and mom with an excuse sent us to sleep early, and knowing that the Epiphany would pass the next day, we fell asleep dreaming of the gifts we had requested in the letter. I still remember my first befane: the gifts hanging on the hood of my grandmother’s fireplace and in the air I still seem to smell the acrid smell of coal, the socks full of candies, but also of walnuts, oranges and tangerines. For me many toy soldiers, and dolls for my sister. The next morning we competed with those who woke up first and then ran to see what the Epiphany had brought us, we could not believe our eyes: truly magical moments, me, my brother Alessandro and my sister Elisabetta were truly happy children.

Unforgettable memories that remain indelible in my memory, so for this Befana 2020 I would like to be able to convey, at least in part, that feeling that we all felt as children. How to do?? So, since we gave you three gifts at Christmas, why not replicate also for the Epiphany?

1° Gift [Thunder Mountain Pack Vol. 1 e 2]

As a first gift we thought of the beautiful packs of Thunder Mountain: 6 discs full of games, together with the faithful reproductions of the diskette labels made exclusively by Us for all of you !!


2° Gift [C64 Compilation Remixes]

As a second gift, we thought of selecting ten remixes of some of the most famous C64 games. A very difficult choice that we made guided by memories. In addition to the music we have also included the games: here are our magnificent 10:

  1. Archon II
  2. Aztec Challenge
  3. Commando
  4. Ghost’n Goblins
  5. Lazy Jones
  6. Out Run
  7. Rambo
  8. Spy vs Spy
  9. Suicide Express
  10. The Last Ninja


3° Gift [64 Programmi per il Commodore 64]

Finally, as a third gift, a splendid book containing 64 lists of programs for C64. Remembering when we even typed the games on the keyboard before running them.


Before saying goodbye, we thought of adding another gift, dedicated to bad children, and there are many, given the winds of war that are already blowing in these first days of the year. For you a game on the theme of coal: Coal Miner! Do the Goods!


HAPPY EPIPHANY from all the Dump Club 64 !!!!

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