16th Dumping [10/02/20]

Dear Friends, slowly our dumping work continues, and today we offer you the second part of the vast archive that we are working on, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

On the other hand, with the new health emergency, it is better to stay at home given the latest Coronavirus medical bulletin. More than 28,000 cases worldwide, with 565 deaths and 1,300 new hospitalized.

What is certain is that if the human being still lives on this earth, it must be due to the selective pressure exerted by viruses: at least 30 percent of the differences that distinguish our proteins (and their functionality) from those of other mammals are a consequence of viral infections.

But back to us, in this session there are many programs, many in Italian and good games. Games that made me a child again and reminded me when my friends Mario, Antonio and Edoardo came to call me in 1984 to ride a bicycle, but every time I declined the invitation. They (my friends) told me that I was sick of Commodorite 🙂 hahahaha !!!

How many times have we given up on things that make us happy and that make us go back to being carefree children? I have no time … there is no time … we know that there are many people still in love with this old world of the C64, but many, even if they want to, cannot find a free moment to collaborate.

I know, it’s difficult, but sometimes it takes very little, copying a disc, scanning a magazine, and here magically the work done with sharing becomes of the whole community. This is what we try to carry on with our mission: a mission made with the heart, but there is little time left and we must join forces to try to preserve what is still possible. We are not immortal, but we can still leave a small gift to those who come after us. Like the selection dictated by the viruses that made us stronger, sharing will also ensure that there is a better world for all those who will come and want to use it tomorrow.

Below I add the screens of the most beautiful programs included in this new release.

And with this I greet you and I renew your invitation to upload your files in the appropriate section of our site so that you can share them with the whole community.

… And as Spock said … long life and prosperity!

All comments.

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