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And here we are at a new appointment with the session dedicated to the DumpClub64 ARCHIVE.

As usual we like to remember something that could give the “launch” to our new appointment .. It was July 28, 1928 in Amsterdan the inaugural ceremony for the ninth edition of the Olympic Games of the Modern era was held.

Italy won 19 medals, 7 gold, 5 silver and 7 bronze medals.

One of the most exciting moments was the conquest of the silver medal for artistic gymnastics by a group of very young Pavesi girls

This sport did not yet welcome the “favors” in the various National Olympic committees, also confirmed by the fact that there were only five teams present at the Dutch Olympic review, namely the hosts, France, Great Britain, Hungary and Italy.

From here was born “La leggenda delle piccole ginnaste pavesi”

Upon returning to their homeland, an entire city welcomed the winners but another trip was already planned, this time to the capital, to be received by the Duce Benito Mussolini himself, who wanted to congratulate those who honored the prestige of the country, while a more tangible recognition for their enterprise takes place with the provision of a total sum of 2,300 lire collected with a subscription from CONI and a postal booklet of 100 lire for each, opened by the Municipality of Pavia.

In order for that of the “Little Pavia gymnasts” to turn into a legend, it must end here, which in fact happens, making the Olympic adventure only a chapter, however joyful and unparalleled, of their existence, to be jealously guarded in one’s hearts. , returning to devote himself to school studies.

So to commemorate this beautiful story we have decided to release new dumping sessions.

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