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Still still still! As this beautiful song by Mina quoted in 1978, the work of DumpClub64 never stops; Therefore here we are again arrived at a new appointment with a new session dedicated to our ARCHIVE. Mina today launches another great group: The Beatles. In fact, on September 2, 1964 with the single “Help” the Beatles obtained the gold record for the million copies sold in one month of the release.

We want to be more modest and we don’t expect much success but we work daily to spread and transmit what made us happy as children.

“Help” by the Beatles was not chosen by chance but fate would have it that just today it was the anniversary. In writing the song, John Lennon was inspired by the sense of unease and stress he felt for the sudden notoriety achieved. We at Dump Club 64 instead ask for your help in acquiring and preserving the Commodore 64 software.


And with this wish we have decided to release these new dumping sessions.

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