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Dear friends… Every week, on the occasion of a special event or an important anniversary, we will have a small session, where you will find one or more links from which you can download many games, utilities or magazines dedicated to our friend Commodore 64. In these 2 years we have archived a lot of material coming mostly from disk dumps, but a lot is still to be shared and so we decided to create special backups in order to satisfy the many requests received.

So let’s start with the first anniversary, and certainly the most beautiful of all .. it was June 4th 2006 and my daughter Carlotta Lanciotti was born in Rome!

Super Carlotta

Today, our Super Carlotta, future astronaut and explorer of new worlds, turns 14 and all the staff of DumpClub64 wish him that he will always be a free woman and can make all his dreams come true.

And so on the occasion of his birthday we inaugurate our initiative … here is the first link of our archive 🙂

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Have a good fun.

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Have a good fun.

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