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On 23 June 1894 in 1894 in Paris, Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee through which to organize the first Olympics of the modern era! “Do the sport do not make the war”. This was the revolutionary warning of the visionary Parisian baron.

To commemorate this historic event We at Dump Club 64 have decided to release two more dumping sessions taken from our private archive. So here is another part of our sweat, shared with pleasure with all of you who like us, love to preserve games, programs, utilities or magazines for our beloved Commodore 64.

The two links will allow you to download all the files we have worked on in full. It may happen that some files do not work, but do not despair because also thanks to your reports we will propose the files “revisited and corrected” in the next sessions.

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These are the two links to download the second and third part of our archive.

The files can be shared without any problem, just remember to add credits to

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