Amiga Dumps #1

While outside the windows of our houses puffy and heavy clouds advance threateningly promising an endless sequence of leaden and gloomy afternoons (darker than the clapper of a black beef on a moonless night on the prairie), in the valley of the Dump Club 64 the sun shines tall and radiant.
Today, November 14, 2020, is World Diabetes Day: with the hope that this disease will be eradicated as soon as possible and that no one will ever suffer from it again, we want to send you to prevent it by always following every medical recommendation together with a correct lifestyle and a healthy nutrition. For our part, allow us to sweeten any small sacrifices by sending you in solace with a new dumping session: today we offer you 173 diskettes for Commodore Amiga dumped in a week directly from our archives of the time.

A useful, dutiful and above all obligatory job because let’s face it clearly: these records have their days numbered! Even though I am an enthusiast and take the utmost care of it, I could not help but observe, over time, the slow but inexorable decay of the supports! Preserving your archives is not only useful, allowing you to later restore the irremediably damaged diskettes but allows you to do so especially with the exact copies in our possession! Too often, however, we arrive late and then someone else comes to our rescue, who owned our own copy and who with foresight before us has preserved it by sharing it and thus making it available to the retrocomputing community. This is why it is important to preserve and, I repeat, to share: to help ourselves and others to restore these old and fragile magnetic supports.
But sharing is also important for other reasons:

  • HDDs, pendrives and all other storage media always break when you least expect it and if a friend, a group or even better an entire community has a backup copy then our dumps will be safe and we can count on the fact that will be safe forever!
  • As I said, soon these disks will be irretrievably lost and if none of us a few enthusiasts feel the need to preserve them, also collecting the need to share them to pass them on to those who come after us (Memento Mori), all this heritage of culture and ingenuity will be lost forever!
  • Sharing also means just giving without receiving anything in return except the satisfaction of being able to make someone else happy: just what made us happy can make another person happy!
  • Altruism and generosity are contagious: if we help others then they too will help us. Obviously with some small exceptions and some jackals (NB I remind Roberto, who is afraid that the judiciary will incriminate him for the use of this word on a blog in his name, which means nothing more than “profiteer” and which is more likely to end up in “Regina Coeli” very much before any magistrate delights in reading this article. Dear Roberto we will bring you the oranges, or rather the Sicilian tarots!)
  • Last but not least: It’s the right thing to do!

After this very long sermon that I hope will touch your hearts and above all it will move your laziness, I leave you to this first dumping session reserved for the Commodore Amiga. Among the numerous titles I want to point out Player Manager in Italian, Logistix in Italian, Rete Amiga Terminale!!, Sisthema Plus (totocalcio in italian), Designer Collection, AmigaByte 35 and Amiga Magazine 37, Antivirus Collection, Transformer (Pc emulator for Amiga) and Lion (Atari emulator for Amiga), Primi passi, Amiga In Family and finally Utility I-II by FrancSoftware!

and as our Roberto, Ciriaco, Arnaldo, Amintore Lanciotti would say…. Happy Weekend everyone .. Hello dearrrr!

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