About Us

Dedicated mainly to the Commodore 64, The Dump Club 64 is a group of retrocomputing enthusiasts that aims to preserve, catalog and finally share the software of old magnetic media on files. The site in addition to file sharing, does not disdain reviews on games and magazines of the time dedicated to the legendary home computer. Mainly we will try to preserve software possibly attached with the original manuals in Italian because, unfortunately, time, oblivion and the earth’s magnetic field are the main reasons why so many programs and games now risk disappearing from our memory forever. We hope with our modest work to succeed in preserving and spreading what we believe is a small treasure of historical and cultural value. I want to clarify that we do everything without any profit and for free, and I take this opportunity also to thank the many messages of appreciation and support that we are receiving! Slowly we are also experiencing a great interest from so many Commodore fans around the world and so we have translated the entire site into English for all friends across the border! I would like to thank you right now for helping us spread our site:  www.dumpclub64.it