Armati Games


Mario Arioti was the owner of one of the largest Italian pirate cassette duplication companies in Italy. The single game was copied directly from the originals but was customized with special loaders and banners that advertised its “treasures” when loading. Quality color prints and excellent boxes completed the product, much appreciated by collectors and users of the time.

Without paying a penny of royalties, the tapes had an enormous distribution. He managed to sell one million and three hundred thousand copies a year through a widespread and well-organized distribution.

The cost could reach 12,000 lire, a price in line with that of many original games. Arioti also created double-pack compilations. Mario’s son, Riccardo Arioti, then created a partnership with the journalist Francesco Carlà with whom he constituted the distributive support for Simulmondo until 1988. In 1989 a profound change of the company, which became Ital Video SRL and began publishing legal software.

With his professional duplicating plants now famous all over the world, Mario and Riccardo Arioti made the production line available for Genias, Fabbri Editore and Mastertronic. He also produced Italian titles, such as bingo and bowls, as well as tutorials and school software.
Armati cassettes still appeal to many Commodore 64 collectors and lovers today

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