Dear friends, these are difficult days for our beloved Italy, for our people and for our families. We are at war with a damned virus that is afflicting all of Italy. We are all called to do our duty and to respect the rules. The daily bulletin of the Civil Protection still puts so much fear. To date, there are 35,713 positive cases of coronavirus and almost 3,000 deaths across the country. Hospitals are collapsing but many aids are arriving. So what to do ?? The DumpClub64 has decided to commit itself by spreading a fundraiser for the National Cancer Institute IRCCS G. Pascale Foundation of Naples engaged in the forefront in the search for the cure for coronavirus.

It is important that each of us make a small contribution, we want to reciprocate your generosity and your good heart by offering you over 2 months of our hard work. In fact, we have released 827 new labels for Commodore 64 that our friend Alessandro Gatti has painstakingly made. The labels are in high resolution and will help all passionate friends to reconstitute their original discs. As usual, once again we release everything for free, everybody can all share our work as long as the credits and the source are reported.

Be generous, stay home and hold on. Remember that we are Italian … and we are tough. Hang in there Italy!!!!

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