The Reviews
Storm Warrior
Some of you will remember the times in which games for Commodore 64 (especially if on tape) turned like stickers: since we couldn’t afford to buy many, especially if original, we resorted to exchanging … So it happened to receive between the hands still unknown games, but no less interesting
Mario Bros (1.0)
Today May 1st is Labor Day. It is the day that celebrates the struggles that, over the centuries, the workers have fought in order to have their rights recognized, it is a special day created specifically to remember the battles made for the rights of workers. We at Dump Club
Defender of the Crown
Le dame, i cavalier, l’arme, gli I’m not quoting some books of ancient chivalric literature, but it’s like remembering a beautiful historical literary period that I was passionate about. Just as I was passionate about this game, with spectacular graphics and unforgettable music. Beautiful was the intro with the
Combat game competition
It is not a real review but a “VS” between two games that have made the history of fighting games on the Commodore 64: International Karate and IK +. International Karate was born in 1986 from a “swearing”, people say, of “The way of the exploding fist”, a video game
Time Tunnel
“Time Tunnel”, for me, is and will always be “Lo Gnomo“. It is with this title, in fact, that I found it on the “Hit Parade n. 4“, at the end of the summer of 1986. It was one of my first cassettes, and it contained thirty games that I
Castle Master
It was the year 1990, the first of a long decade that would have made us dream of music, movies, beach holidays and …. Video games! In those years there were several titles for the Commodore 64 or rather headlines that made us run to the shops and spend hours
The NewZealand Story
In the hot summer of 1989, in addition to enjoying the thirteenth Inter championship dragged by the two Germans Matthaus and Brehme, one of the best conversions was released for Commodore 64: The New Zealand Story! A very nice arcade platform game produced by Taito and published by Ocean Software,
Dylan Dog: The killers
We are in the distant and (alas) regret year 1986. From an idea of Tiziano Sclavi, a comic is born that will change the history of many, Dylan Dog. After the timeless cowboy Tex Willer and the thief Diabolik comes the nightmare investigator! A man in his thirties, always dressed
Dear friends, in this period of “forced holidays” I decided to dust off my old Commodore 64 games still set aside in a corner of my bedroom … I connect my old C64, press the power button … and CLICK !! After a few seconds, the legendary blue screen arrives,
C64: Unknown revolution
It has been a long time since I wrote for the blog, there was a virus called Covid-19 in the middle, and if we want little desire. A blog is like a hobby that you have to keep alive over time, and sometimes it happens that unfortunately you can’t do
Commodore 64: the story (part II)
After the “nostalgic” introduction to the wonderful Commodore Machine, I think it’s good for the second part of the story to make a journey through the “applications” that made the C64 the real Home Computer of the 80’s: the video games. At the end of the 70’s
Commodore 64: history (part I)
I was about 4 or 5 years old when my dad decided to buy a computer. I didn’t know anything about computer; for me it was simply a magic box, with images and sounds. Connected to a 14 inches TV (luckily a color TV) by a 3 metres cable
Archon: The light and the dark “Ichi-go Ichi-e” literally means “A span of time, a meeting.”This Japanese expression was born in the context of the traditional tea ceremony to express the solemnity of the moment and the importance of the commitment in meeting with the other, since each meeting is
The myth of Bubble Bobble
n 1986 an arcade platform in the arcade places raged, it was simple and immediate, very difficult but very funny, Bubble Bobble. It is the story of two brothers, Bubby and Bobby, and their girlfriends, Patty and Betty (names of a lot of fantasy ….), who lived peacefully until the
Batman the movie
In 1989 I went with mom (I was a teenager) to the cinema to see Michael Keaton’s Batman but above all by Tim Burton, a dark, twilight Batman, with all the defects of the DC Comics character that come from the past. He is not supermuscular, he is attentive to
Infernal Runner
In 1985 an unknown french software house, the Loriciels (or Loriciel, depending on brand problems happened in 1990) created a new type of game, the first in order of the horror-splatter game genre. That game was Infernal Runner. I apologize about some images, from the Amstrad version. This is because
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
Take the shy journalist of a famous tabloid magazine (the National Inquisitor), a girl named Annie who appears in her dreams, her two friends Leslie and Melissa, a strange story of aliens who want to make mankind “stupid”, and you will be in the presence of Zak McKracken, for friends
The Last Ninja
This is my first review in the videogame world, and I wanted to choose a game that at the time entered my heart, and that still today represents a piece of my childhood made of so much, but so much, Commodore 64. It was the
Back to the Future
The choice of having wanted to write this article was not accidental, in fact I really wanted to write it today, February 29, 2020, a date that does not happen every year. Unlike the film, the game on the Commodore 64 went unnoticed both for its slightly lackluster graphics and
Ghostbusters 2
Here I am with my first article and my new adventure on this wonderful site born less than a year but already full of surprises, enthusiasm and excellent will! I still can’t believe I was in front of a PC to write reviews of video games that I had
“Who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters!!!” That was the theme tune of the poster about the movie, and also the theme song. David Crane from Activision smelt about the movie success and in 1984 caught the rights for the conversion. In that era the Commodore was a “little game” machine,
The Sentinel
Wonderful games have been made (and continue to be made) for the Commodore 64. It is useless to draw yet another list and spend yourself in magniloquent praise for titles that are now in the Olympus of the C64 Classics: Platform Games, Sports, Shoot’em up, Management, Strategic, Simulators, Adventures and
Pitstop II
“Very fast sedentary lifestyle of the chauffer half-lying in the steering wheel saturn in the ring turn turn do the foot to the most distant blue speed of the craziest speeds glou glou glou of air in bottles-ears wind ventriloquist [..] hold the pedal to the snoring organ, kilometers breathed
It was way back in 1984 when the bet of a young and unknown American programmer who answered the name of John Van Ryzin was presented to the world: H.E.R.O. A title that thanks to the extraordinary success that it was preparing to collect, from there to a short time
There are unforgettable moments in a person’s life. Instants carved in memory, crystallized in the mind waiting to be recalled by a single word, an image, a flavor so as to then flourish again in all their charm in a blink of an eye. No matter how many years have
Forbidden Forest
Forbidden Forest I think many will agree with me in judging this title as a reductive if not wrong. The haunted forest or the cursed forest, here is perhaps a combination that succeeds in transmitting that sense of restlessness that is hidden and transpires in original title. And it is
Blue Max
The fastest animal on earth is the CHEETAH, capable of reaching 115 km / h and keeping them for a few hundred meters (the time needed to grab the prey that is usually the unfortunate Thompson’s Gazelle). It is no wonder that a figure capable of such enterprises entered the