Technical Articles
Maintenance of the Datassette
by Giovanni Andonaia How many times have you happened that a datassette once loads a game and another time not? How many times has it happened that after the found the tape no longer advances and gets stuck? Or with the tape stuck, do you have to press the STOP
Nintendo NES ADVANTAGE repair
Technical tutorial by RETRO LAIR Afternoon repair of a Nintendo NES Advantage arcade board. The other two planks had roughly the usual problem … signals interrupted due to some bad welding and degradation over time.
Head Cleaning 1541
Technical Tutorial by Retro Lair Small tutorial on how to clean and maintain the efficiency of the head group of our drives
Unsolder IC
Technical tutorial by Retro Lair A brief overview of how to unsolder a chip on a motherboard WITHOUT damaging the PCB or the chip.
Tape dumping
The programs for C64 were stored, as well as on cartridges and on floppy disks, on the magnetic tapes of the audio cassettes (the same ones on which it came recorded music): this media had the advantage of being able to hold a good amount of data and being
Disk Dumping
Let’s face reality: The dumping of magnetic media (in particular the Commodore 64) is the quintessence of retrocomputing! An obligatory stop for anyone who considers himself a true enthusiast and who can give that same feeling that the first adventurers must have felt, at the beginning of the last
Manifest of DumpClub64
The Commodore 64 was first world premiered on June 6, 1982 in the United States and marketed a couple of months later. During this commercial life, a considerable amount of software was developed for this glorious machine. Taking as reference the most authoritative attempt of cataloging, the gamebase64 (, only