Word Star 64

Word Star per CP/M

Word Star 64 é un editor di testi molto potente, definito da qualche utilizzatore dell’epoca IL word processor per Commodore 64. Pensate che, come Tasword, é in grado di supportare le 80 colonne!


F2 80/40 column option
F3 Scratch pad
F4 View mode
F5 Glossary
F6 Change background colors
F7 Quit and exit from document
F8 Change text color
CTRL+C Alternate cursor
CTRL+D Tab window
CTRL+E Begin and end alternate char’s
CTRL+F Cursor at beginning of document
CTRL+L Cursor at end of document
CTRL+O Overwrite/insert toggle
CTRL+P Remove and restore paragraph sign
CTRL+S Hard Space
CTRL+T Page Up
CTRL+W Page Down
CTRL+X Begin Microcommand
CTRL+Y End of line
CTRL+Z Set markers for editing functions
RUN/STOP: TAB Insert Mode – Moves text to next TAB position.
Overwrite Mode – Slides cursor under text to next TAB position.


!LM + number Set left margin
!RM + number Set right margin
!TM + number Set top margin
!BM + number Set bottom margin
!LJ Left-justify text
!RJ Right-justify text
!CJ Center all text
!BJ Block justify (left & right)
!1LS Single line spacing
!HLS 1 1/2 line spacing
!2LS Double line spacing
Page numbering:
!PTY Page numbering at top of page
!PBY Page numbering at bottom of page
!BP1 Begin page numbering at “1”
!IN + number Indent following paragraph
!IN0 Stop indent
Page breaks:
!PS Skip to next page
!PS + number Skip to next page if (number) lines not
available in page
!LS + number Skip (number) of lines
NOTE: Information between first and second “.” will be left justified. Info between second and third “.” will be center justified. Info between third and fourth “.” will be right justified.
NOTE: Embedded command must be preceded and followed by <RETURN>.

CTRL+X produces . sign on screen. Type upper or lower case letter of microcommand immediately after . sign.
CTRL X + B Begin boldface type
CTRL X + b End boldface type
CTRL X + C Condensed print: 17 char/inch
CTRL X + c End of condensed print
CTRL X + D Double-strike
CTRL X + d End double-strike
CTRL X + E Elite print: 12 char./inch
CTRL X + e End elite print
CTRL X + I Italics print
CTRL X + i End italics print
CTRL X + L Double-width print
CTRL X + l End double-width print
CTRL X + P Pica print: 10 char./inch
CTRL X + p End pica print
CTRL X + U Underline
CTRL X + u End underlining
CTRL X + V High speed printing
CTRL X + v End high speed printing
CTRL X + W Subscript
CTRL X + w End subscript
CTRL X + X Superscript
CTRL X + x End superscript
CTRL X + Y 6 lines/inch (single spacing)
CTRL X + y 8 lines/inch (1 1/2 spacing)

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Word Star 64
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